Welcome to Glenwood Depot!
 For over 20 years, we've been thrilled to be a part of our customers' Winter Fun! 

 We're a seasonal lease shop, so whether your favorite adventures involve skis,     snowboards, snowshoes, or just tiny little chap sticks...we've got you covered.

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COVID-19 Response
At Glenwood Depot, the health and safety of our staff and guests is our first priority. In response to COVID-19, we have implemented additional policies to prevent the spread of illness.

Shop Sanitization
We are committed to ensuring the cleanliness of the shop and its equipment. We will continue to sanitize all equipment after each use and wipe down high traffic areas. All unnecessary items will be removed from the shop. Pens and credit/debit cards will be sanitized after each use.

Customer Appointments
Appointments will be scheduled for single customers or families at one hour intervals, with no overlaps. Glenwood Depot requires all guests to wear masks or face coverings to enter the shop, and will be asked to maintain social distance from employees.